After a first meeting initiated by the German Association of Centres for Victims of Torture and Refugees in 2003, annual meetings and conferences were held.

  • 2017 in Bucharest, Romania: Towards global health: Refugees and victims of torture in Europe Today read more
  • 2014 in Warsaw, Poland: Burden Sharing and Improving Cross-Border Care for Torture Survivors in Europe
    Program Warsaw 2014
  • 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden: „State responsibility for rehabilitation of torture survivors“
    Program Stockholm 2013
  • 2009 in Barcelona, Spain:“Health and Human Rights Research in the field of Torture”
  • 2008 in Dublin, Ireland
  • 2007 in Ankara, Turkey
  • 2006 in Paris, France
  • 2005 in Geneva, Switzerland: „Beyond Violence“
  • 2004 in Bucharest, Romania
  • 2003 in Blankenberge, Belgium
  • 2003 in Cambridge, England (UK)
  • 2002 in Bad Boll, Germany